koaloha live; products; custom work; find a dealer; factory tours; contact Some ukuleles feature gorgeous natural patterns and colors thanks to the exotic natural woods they are made of. Like Aaron talks about in the video, high quality mango like this has great tonal qualities of both mahogany and koa. Anyway, the estate sale had these ukes listed for $5/piece. UKULELE SCORES Looks - 9 out of 10 Fit and finish - 7 out of 10 Sound - 7.5 out of 10 Value for money - 8.5 out of 10 OVERALL UKULELE SCORE - 8.0 out of 10 UKULELE VIDEO REVIEW Necks are solid maple or walnut.Standard laminate tops are hoop pine (printed or colored tops) or natural walnut.Optional solid wood tops include Adirondack red spruce or koa.Bodies are injection molded thermoplastic. IN 47403 KoAloha KSM-02 Soprano LN Solid Koa Satin Ukulele April of 2000, Powered by KoAloha KSM-02 Soprano LN Solid Koa Satin Ukulele. Pono in Hawaiian is defined as excellence and Maiau Pono as the highest quality of craftsmanship. All Solid Mango wood,KOA,Mahogany Ukulele. It’s often compared with a concert ukulele in terms of depth and richness, yet it offers the compact sizing that makes soprano ukuleles so popular. Big Island MO-CTS All Solid Mango Concert Ukulele. All Hawaiian Koa body. The LEHO Arch Back design was not easy to arrive at. Hours. You never kn Mango Botanical Name: Mangifera Indica A beautiful Hawaiian Hardwood/. Filling out the rest of my class set would have taken my whole budget plus some, so I wrote off ukulele as being impossible this year. Zheng'an Xian, Zunyi Shi, Guizhou, China. TUSQ nut and saddle. Along with great sounds, this new mango line features beautiful, exotic looks and variations in the wood grain that will bring you joy to just hold and admire. Based in the most beautiful place on earth, we make the joy of music accessible to everyone here at Hawaiian Ukulele … For example, you could have a ukulele with a solid koa top and ovangkol back and sides. Lanikai Kaena Hawaii Made Solid Koa Concert Ukulele. In other cases, the distinctive touches are subtler. CNC shaped sapele neck. CEDAR/MAHOGANY vs MANGO vs KOA - Alex and Phil compare and duet on 6 Kanile'a Tenor/Baritone models Which do you like best? Pono is a production model version of the custom shop Ko’olau. How would you like a ukulele that looks stunning, sounds great and is eco-friendly at the same time? Made with solid mango wood protected by a stunning glossy finish, this exquisite ukulele offers a combination of great looks and an outstanding sound. Wood types. It's a sustainable species growing throughout most of the world's tropical zones. Rich of ukuleles—borrows its unusually pointy silhouette from an ornamental staff. The entire line are made from Solid Hawaiian Koa. Enya has soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles that fit the need of every player. CEDAR VS MANGO VS KOA - Ukulele Duet Comparison Video - Kanile'a Tenors and Baritones CEDAR/MAHOGANY vs MANGO vs KOA - Alex and Phil compare and duet on 6 Kanile'a Tenor/Baritone models Which do you like best? Southern Ukulele Store - 190 Seabourne Rd, BH5 2JB Bournemouth - Rated 4.9 based on 106 Reviews "I'm a funny shopper. If you would like to learn more about our reforestation project, or you would like to sponsor a Koa Tree, visit https://reforesthawaii.org. Millar SP-240W All Solid Spruce & Acacia Concert Ukulele. Yup, at the time of writing there’s no tenor Ibanez ukulele. Message us on WhatsApp Aloha ukulele China Professional Manufacturer . Our Pono line of guitars, ‘ukuleles, and octave mandolins include a variety of all solid woods, bone nuts and saddles, high quality tuners, and the … 17 fret fretboard joined at the 13.5th fretboard. 7/8” square by 5” long. He tells it like it is. $4.50 each randomly selected. KoAloha Mango and Koa Ukuleles are proudly built in Honolulu, Hawaii. Enya ukulele is known for its innovative design and incredible sounding. The build quality and attention to detail on the new Pono line is amazing! sold out. Sold Out Curly Koa Pen Blanks. Most of the big uke makers now have a range of mango ukes. KoAloha Ukulele Price Range LaBella Pro ‘UKULELE STRINGS (low G) ALL HAWAIIAN KOA MODEL; SPALTED MANGO MODEL; MAHOGANY MODEL; Also included with your all solid wood Grand Tenor is a Romero Creations Soft Shell Case and an Oasis OH-18 Ukulele Humidifier to protect your beautiful instrument; Value: $131.75. sold out. 499.00. sold out. Splated vs. Curly Mango: Ukulele Window Shopping. The company’s Opio series ukuleles are built in Thailand. KoAloha’s Koalana series (entry level) ukuleles are built in Indonesia. Hear three great intermediate priced ukes ($225-$350) played back to back: Review of KALA KA-ASAC-T Acacia Wood, Oscar Schmidt OU6CLE & OU7TE models. Wood Ukes: Some common woods used for ukuleles are Mahogany, Basswood and Koa but you will also see a lot of variations like Mango, Black Acacia, Okume, Spruce, Bamboo, Lacewood and others. I told them I was a teacher looking to buy in bulk and they let me have them for $2/each. 1425 S Curry Pike Bloomington. The Flight DUS450 is constructed by mesmerizing laminate mango. More recently the sopranissimo is also gaining popularity, this one is even smaller (16 inches, 40 cm) than the soprano sized ukulele. Medium to heavy, dense We believe customer first, employee second and shareholder the third. KoAloha’s Acacia ukuleles are partially built in Thailand, and are finished in Hawaii. Pono MGCD Deluxe All Solid Mango Concert Ukulele. The wood has a good bright tone similar to Hawaiian koa. On Musician’s Friend Strange since the other big guitar to uke transfer Fender released only tenor ukuleles. The curly mango ukes Kala’s curly mango… Romero Creations Koa Grand Tenor Ukulele w/Case - Solid Koa - GTK-8024 RC-GTM Regular price $1,079.00 Sale price $959.00 Romero Creations Mango Tiny Tenor Ukulele w/Case - Solid Spalted Mango Snail Solid Koa Top, Laminated Koa Back & Sides, Glossy Retail: $429 - $479.00 Snail All Solid Mahogany, Glossy Retail: $369 Snail Mahogany Ukulele, Glossy Retail: $225.00 - $245.00 Mango Ukulele Wood - is an excellent alternative luthier wood. ... Hawaiian Ukulele and Guitar Family. This uke sounds sounds grand! KoAloha 5 pointed crown headstock. Mango wood fret dots. The concert FLUKE has a 15.5" scale length, 15 frets and overall length of 23 inches. Some woods are selected for their sound qualities, some for their cosmetic appeal and some for both. Very sweet sounding and warm. Here are some of the most commonly used ukulele wood types and the influences they have on sound: Mahogany. Great curly figure and range of color. KOA Koa is a Hawaiian hardwood, and a ukulele wood held in very high esteem in those islands. The wood is beautiful to look at with amazing grains (particularly the curly variety), and provides a sound that suits the ukulele perfectly. Islander `Ukulele made a commitment in 2019 that for every Islander `Ukulele built, we will plant 1 Koa Tree. More FAQs. It's obvious that only very skilled and experienced craftsmen could have such an “artist eye” for this precision and beauty. Ibanez UKS10 Soprano Ukulele Ibanez UKC10 Concert Ukulele Ibanez Maple Concert Ukulele UEW10QM Ibanez Spalted Mango Concert Ukulele UEW20SG Ibanez Koa Soprano Ukulele UKS50. When the ukulele craze hit the mainland and C.F. Snail Mango Top, Back & Sides, Gloss, Concert Retail: $325.00 Snail All Solid Koa Master Made Retail: $995.00 - $1100.00 Snail Mahogany Ukulele Retail: $160.00-$273.00 Note that on the soprano uke the 4th string is tuned an octave above what you'd expect. Mango is hard, moderately heavy, works easily and sands beautifully making wonderful furniture, and musical instruments. Francesca. You will love the tone and feel. https://youtu.be/fQFB2JXLM3I The Series are differentiated by the grade of Koa used to build them. Our engineers did not rely on any personal taste from our veteran team members. So there are four main sizes in ukuleles. Our stock is all from the Hawaiian Islands. All solid wood – Bone nut and saddle – Gloss Finish – w/Truss Rod Loud rich, and used in the finest ukuleles, but very expensive. UKULELE CONS Stupidly large tuner buttons Lacking volume and sustain Totally missed the point of making the scale longer. Each of our mango ukuleles has its own identity, thanks to the unique and beautiful patterns that are found on each one. Charlie has a warm, kind personality. 419.00. sold out. Feel free to reach out with any questions. The ukes in KoAloha’s new Naupaka line (see page 90) utilize a unique combination of koa and mango wood throughout their entire bodies—tops, sides, and backs. menu. Subscribe for events and product updates Weight is around one pound depending on materials and options. 44 pieces total. sold out. Perhaps as a reaction to koa being increasingly difficult to get hold of. Ready to turn from 15 year air dried stock. Pono Mango Matte Concert $ 409.00. The tuning is related to the guitar and chord shapes are the same as the top 4 of a guitar. Martin & Co. got in the game, the company used its stock of South American mahogany as an alternative to the more expensive, and harder to obtain, koa. Today. Mango's hardness is similar to Koa and often displays beautiful blushes … A model called the Sceptre—sort of the B.C. Out of stock. Whatsapp: 86-19908311885. A medium to large tree that frequently grows to around 50-65 feet in height and 2-3 feet in diameter. SKU: MGC Categories: ... Kala 2 Koa TG $ 949.00 Read more; Here What the People Have to Say! Sale Price: 559.00 Original Price: 819.00. sold out. Mango seems to be the wood-du-jour. Factory tours are available. All of our Kala Elite USA Koa Collection ukulele are built by hand here at the Kala Shop in Petaluma, CA. Soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. Hawaii's premiere ukulele store, Hawaiian Ukulele and Guitar is the ukulele and guitar shop for everyone from the seasoned player to the youngest beginner. X . Pono Ukulele. John Kitakis, owner of Ko’olau, wanted to make the quality and tone of a Ko’olau instrument more affordable. Thank you🎶, Charlie! He is very easy to talk to. The soprano however is the most traditional size at 20 inches (51 cm). The Ukulele is used for traditional and popular music in Hawaii. Widen that nut!